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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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china's new silk road will help for. a big facility it's their business u.s. officials are still waiting to see boeing's fix for the automated systems blamed in the max a crashes aviation administration says it will take as long as it takes to get it right international regulators a meeting of the united states american carriers though ready to get the jack jet back in the skies changing flights for august. the boeing 737 max will remain on the tarmac until the regulation is convinced the aircraft is safe the 737 max was grounded following the ethiopian airlines crash in march just months after a similar liner disaster in indonesia in all 346 people were killed. the f.a.a. is meeting over 30 international air regulators including china the e.u. brazil and canada to discuss a software fix a new pilot training. both crashes were blamed on faulty technology boeing says it
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was upgraded the software to make it safe the f.a.a. is still waiting for boeing to formally submit the patch for approval. financial pressure on boeing is growing global airlines who bought the fuel efficient long range aircraft had to cancel flights and scramble to find replacements on routes flown by the 737 max air china and other carriers are demanding substantial compensation. ellen humphrey is standing by for us in our washington studios following this story helena how's the pressure from china being such a huge market scene there way you are. i think the reality of the situation ben is that the f.a.a. and boeing might not like it but that is the reality of the situation china is the walls largest aviation market despite the fact that at the moment it's not building its own plane so boeing really does need to get
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a handle on this because china is looking to make its own airplanes in the future so if it doesn't of course then it will really risk missing out as china tries to wean itself off the likes of boeing as it tries to wean itself off the likes of us as well and of course not only have these chinese carry is sort compensation they also want compensation for the missed a livery all of these jets remember that the max jets in china comprise around a quarter of boeing's delivery wild white and also don't forget the chinese aviation authority was one of the 1st to ground this model of plane so it could be in the future that people look to china's aviation authority as well for expertise there as well so there is a lot at stake eleanor it was really interesting to see that move made by the chinese and how quick they were to do that and as a journalist watching hour by hour who was next it was actually days though until the u.s. authorities made a move
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a regulator is going to get flak for that at that meeting. i think you can be pretty sure that meeting today the u.s. f.a.a. will definitely be in the hot seat being attended by so many regulators as well as the un civil aviation all thora t m e used to be a case that you know whatever the f.a.a. date other countries would now follow it no longer really appears to be the gold standard you know when this whole case also exposed some pretty worrisome self certification process as well for software from boeing and certainly the f.a.a. was castigated by lawmakers last week what i would say is you've also got to look at where the pressure is coming and from whom and these crashes certainly exposed the close relationship between the u.s. president donald trump and boeing executives here in washington d.c. it is a massive lobby here in the capital now though certainly a more cautious tone from the f.a.a. say it will take as long as it takes to see these planes back up in the air and
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when i'm free thank you very much for your insight from washington. well it's a bad case of the deutsche bank blues the boss of germany's biggest lender has tried to appease him best is it today's annual general meeting promising even tougher cuts some shareholders are trying to spark a boardroom revolt which banks share prices continue to fall since last year the group just doesn't make enough money legal troubles sapping the lender in their own money laundering allegations as well as its questionable ties to donald trump's business ventures i haven't even got to it's failed merger with comments bank which is also struggling by the way and is dealing with serious i.t. fav years in monitoring payments from key customers the list goes on let's have a listen in to what investors is saying. i don't see that. coming up. is always. used for that and i think.
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take a seat and step down from his position and. we actually hope that the share price is going to rise again but i just sent a what's up to my family and friends saying that we cannot do anything i'm afraid she has will continue to fall money is gone. here are some other stories making business news from around the world china has warned the u.s. must ship sincerity if trade talks are to continue the comments ministry says beijing will not yield on its main principles goshi asians between the world's top 2 economies collapsed in march with president donald trump hiking tariffs on chinese imports. japan's panasonic plans to suspend the sale of certain components to a way that's the chinese telecoms giant banned by the u.s. over its alleged spying capabilities some japanese mobile operators have suspended the launch of way smartphone apps. and boys of color stone say it could be
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a year before the x. news. chairman goes on trial he's appeared in the japanese court for a preliminary hearing on financial misconduct charges goen insists he's innocent he's requested to see his wife that's forbidden under his belt terms. transport ministers and industry leaders from around the world a meeting in the german city of leipsic to discuss the future of mobility and looking for solutions to emerging pressures on the safety among them rapid urbanization at present just over half of us live in cities by 2050 about 2 thirds of us will that will require infrastructure to accommodate everyone and with public transport still lacking in many areas the number of cars and trucks is expected to double in 30 years they'll be 2000000000 vehicles on the roads making about environmental problem worse the transport industry accounts for
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a quarter of c o 2 emissions experts say policies have to change. well china's new silk road could be a green solution in getting goods off roads and onto braille but it's also a geo political potato i reporter kate ferguson is at the international transport form in leipsic. just tell us how this belton road initiative 1st of all is being viewed there. well the belton road initiative is front and center here in life and no matter how you feel about china's growing economic dominance there's no denying that this project is going to be a major boost for the transport industry the scale is breathtaking 65 countries are ready involves many more are likely to cooperate in the future what we're going to see is transport car doors spanning continents both over land and over see so no matter how you feel about it it's a major issue here in life and some journalists here d.w.
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have heard that it could be behind building a planned rail link between north and south korea. well before i tell you about my quest to find out if this is true just a tiny bit of background north and south korea did actually participate in a grant breaking ceremony last year for a rail network between the 2 countries but there's been no construction so far because of international sanctions against north korea but i wanted to find out whether china has any plans to be a diplomatic bridge in this so the 1st thing i did was go to the chinese exhibitors santerre there were 3 people at it sitting at a 4 person table i took the empty seats at the 3 people look down to their knees as soon as i asked him any questions they told me that the chinese transport minister was going to be holding a press conference later on and i had direct my questions at him so in the meantime i went to talk to some south korean exhibitors and i asked them if they had heard anything about china being involved in a rail network between the 2 koreas they said they haven't heard anything about
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that but to quote one of the men i spoke to he said i'm not really into the idea of reunification. but a rail network would be pretty awesome sideways a little while until the press conference took place chorus i was ready with my questions and they only had time for a few i have my hand up in the air and luckily i got to ask a last question and what the transport minister lee told me is that china does not have any plans at the moment to be involved in a project to rail project between north and south korea thus if either of those countries after china for help and in terms of infrastructure china would not deny them as long as they were acting within international law so a reference there to the sanctions that are in place a focus on doing the rounds of the international transport for in like 2. things mandalay in myanmar produces the most expensive rubies in the world but
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a recent change in law has made it harder for the big mining companies to get at them instead it's led to a ruby rush among small scale operators. down the centuries many wars have been 40 over the valley of magog in myanmar 0 because of this buried deep underground here lie the unique pigeon blood stones that have earned it the name the land of the rubies until recently only private companies were allowed to mine head in a joint venture with the state and explore it but a drive to curb the destructive deep taking of major mine has caused many to lose their licenses. and so ruby russia mungana fishel explorers has begun teams work around the clock at makeshift shafts to recover the precious stones many a former employees of the major minus a lot of the re be smuggled into neighboring thailand or china but there's the town tent up here at magog market a history of corruption conflict and links to armed groups left the reputation of
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me and masri betrayed in need of some polishing merchants say the boom times are in the past but that won't stop the makeshift miners of magog seeking a quick buck in the famous rock and finally it is expanding to the seeds is that is to queensland can now use the app to water an excursion on it to post some rain around the great barrier reef if a plane is this is the 1st right shared submarine around $1000.00 per person will take 2 passengers down to 20 metres below sea level and along designated dive pods around the reef the great barrier reef is home to more than 1500 fish species and types of coral and is a delicate ecosystem i say business with. history
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. play . this is the w.'s life for the ballet and the record low days the hindu nationalist posse the b.j. declares victory into selections of the results show them having 4 i've increased taliban treatment or 6 also on the program. polls open in the u.k. for elections to the european parliament in the country country out of the e.u. finance bucket list could make big gains as beleaguered prime minister theresa makes struggles to hold on to her job.


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